Tracy Antrobus is Regional Engagement and Communications Officer at the Water Corporation of WA. Here she talks about engaging Clark Scarff as an executive coach.

Approachable & Open-Minded
I was referred to Clark through a business contact. At first, I felt reluctant to work with a male coach. Clark was very reassuring. He was a calm person to talk with. He was approachable and very open-minded. He made me feel very comfortable and he understood the issues. I was impressed that Clark had taken the time to do research into a particular area I was working on. I found him very easy to work with as a coach.

Business Benefit
My manager encouraged me to do the coaching. We've recently signed off that Clark provided to me with tools that have come back to benefit the business. I've been able to work in difficult situations as well as initiate creative conversations. I continue to progress because I can still use the tools that Clark gave me to deal with situations that I find difficult.

Progress From The First Session
My boss and all my lead team that I work within management have been very impressed with how I've been able to use the tools and apply them at work. They said they could see the changes in me even after the very first coaching session.

Personal Benefit
I was motivated to seek coaching because I had a significant personal trauma that affected my work. Coaching has given me tools to help keep my personal issues under control. I am learning to deal with family, who are going through traumatic events and still be able to be fully present in my workplace. I can deal with it and still focus on my work.

Tools To Suit The Individual
Clark is very personable. He's been through issues himself so he can empathise. He's understanding. He takes time to make sure that he's understanding me correctly. He does a lot of homework as well and gives you a lot of tools that you can use. Not every one of them was perfect for me, so he gave me a few options. If I didn't feel comfortable doing one tool, there was another one that was similar that I could use.

Comfortable Conversations
None of the conversations I had with Clark were difficult. We were able to talk through any issues that I had with the business tools we were using. Clark has an office at his home. It was a calm and comfortable place. You're not in a stuffy office. That was quite good.

I would recommend Clark as a business coach and I already have. He is so knowledgable. I've even recommended Clark to my manager as someone to use again if we have another situation that requires coaching. In the past, we've had to fly in coaches from Perth. Having someone like Clark here as a local is very convenient.

Local & Accessible
Clark has told me he is always happy to take a phone call if I need to talk. He is willing to meet for a coffee. That is an option because we live within half an hour of each other. That is so different from having to arrange for someone to come up from Perth. That would involve getting the logistics organised, possibly an overnight stay, all that effort. Having someone in the region is really good. I know he is a busy man, but he tells me he's always got half an hour here or there when he can fit people in if necessary.

A Positive Experience
Working with Clark as a coach was a very positive experience for me. I would have no qualms about going to see Clark again if I needed to. He makes you feel very comfortable. He keeps in contact to check that the tools are working for me and I'm continuing to progress. I've appreciated that follow up. I am more than happy to recommend Clark as a coach to anyone needing his particular skills.