Brad Perks is the Managing Director of McDonalds Wholesalers. His business engaged Clark Scarff for Consulting, Coaching and to conduct a Leadership Program. Here Brad discusses what has been achieved from that work.

Easy Coach To Work With

Clark is a very good business coach. He's very easy to work with. We found him receptive to how we wanted to work.

Structure & Focus

There's been a great business benefit. We've got some real structure in our business now. We had been heading in an awkward direction. No one seemed to know where we were going. Clark pulled us all together and got us all working on the same side and heading in the same direction. He gave us some real focus.

Time Management & People Skills

I benefitted personally because Clark has taught me how to how to manage my time well. He has helped me work better with people, and understand that we need them as much as they need us.

Good Program Delivery

I find Clark's delivery method is very good. He seems to be able to relate to his audience and recognise the differences in people as well as how to go about teaching them. He definitely listens and understands what they're saying.

Return on Investment

If you are thinking about engaging Clark, I would definitely say yes. It can change your business. Certainly, financially, it's scary to start with. But the rewards at the end far outweigh everything. You'll definitely get a good return on investment.

Developing Leaders

We did the Leadership Program with Clark. We didn't have any leadership, so any program has been a great benefit to us. It has helped us identify key personnel in the business, and recognise and support them as leaders. It helped our other staff in our business recognise those people as leaders. It all just worked.

Staff Engagement

I was surprised by how well the staff related to the material in the program. They really got involved in it, and we definitely seen some great staff members come out of the whole process. They've come out of their shells and proved their worth to the business.

A Happier Workplace

All the staff acknowledge that their boss has changed. He's recognised that we do need leadership, we do need direction, we do need goals, and it's given us all something to work towards, and created harmony in the workplace. It's made people feel like they are part of the place.

Analysis of Business Needs

From day one Clark analysed our business and recognised our needs. He pointed out where we needed to put in more structure.

An Enjoyable Process

Clark's a great guy to work with. He likes to have a laugh, but he knows when to be serious. He knows how to deal with people, he listens and knows when to let things be. He does a great job.

See Value Quickly

If you are thinking about engaging Clark as a business consultant my advice is, think past your pocket because that's always a natural first reaction. Working with Clark is certainly worth it. You'll see value very quickly.